24/7 Prayer – this weekend

24 7 Prayer red

Dear friends
A very big thank you to all who have signed up for supporting the 24/7 prayer day this Saturday and Sunday  through prayer and design of stations, reading and worship.
A bell will call Ilkley to prayer from 0745 on Saturday for an 0800 start.
After one hour  at 0900  Jenny Lawson has agreed to start the continuous public reading of St Matthew gospel.
This is likely to finish around 1300. All readers will be notified of their approximate times separately. There is still opportunity to join in reading or please drop in with friends to listen.

At 1400 we are looking for people who may like to pray the Lord’s prayer out loud, part of it, softly, loudly or in its entirety. This is to emphasize the power of the discipleship prayer given to us by Jesus.

Throughout the whole period there will be prayer stations available to help people to pray quietly and in meditation.
One will have children’s activities.
Please come and join in.
If you are not able to come, please pray where you are and bring prayer requests from neighbours, friends or family.

If anyone wishes to bring refreshments, please leave from early on Saturday at the back of church.

Thank you – Fiona.