Advent Readings – Day Twenty Two

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20th December – Isaiah 7:10-14

WOW! I always find it amazing to hear this verse again and be reminded that God told his people about the birth of Jesus several hundred years before it happened! It is so reassuring to know that God ‘has it all planned out’ and that we do not need to worry; at all; about anything – if we put our trust in God and his plan. Our God is the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow and he knows what we need.

I also find these verses quite a challenge. Isaiah lets King Ahaz know that he is “making God tired” – or as the Good News Version says “must you wear out God’s patience as well”! There must be a few mummies, daddies and children who can identify with God’s frustration at times! God really wants us to turn to him and ask for what we need! But are we brave enough to do so? What if He really does answer our prayer? What if He really does give us a sign? What if he calls us to act and trust in Him? God really wants to give us what we need, but do we have the courage and humility to ask and to receive?

So God continues to give us signs to help us to know Him and his plan for us. He talks to us through his Word, through our Christian friends and families, through the challenges and joys that happen in our lives. And more than that, He is with us – Immanuel – God is With Us! God loves us so much that He came to live among us and is here for us, today and tomorrow and always. AMEN!


Father God, thank you so much that you love each and every one of as your children and that you want us to ask you for what we need so that you can respond. Thank you Father that, even when we try your patience, you are still there for us, today, tomorrow and always. Thank you that you sent your Son, Immanuel, at Christmas to be our Saviour and give us the courage to turn to you for our needs and to receive your gifts for our lives.