Advent Readings – Day Three

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1st December – Isaiah 40:9-11

Here’s something to shout about!

The Living Bible puts it like this:

‘O Crier of Good News, shout from the mountain tops, Shout louder! Don’t be afraid tell the cities of Judah.’

What do you think the Ilkley Bible would say?

O you followers of Jesus, shout from the top of the pharmacy tech program online Cow and Calf.

Tell Ilkley, ‘Your God is on His way’

So what’s your response? Well, the Vicar  can do it – he’s the professional, or maybe the curate who has been known to preach sermons from half way up the rock face?

There are ways we can all do it, but what is this God like that we are going to shout about?

In the first place he is powerful, awesome, a strong ruler coming to sort out the good from the bad. He comes in judgement and each will receive his reward.

And YET he is a God who is so reluctant to mete out punishment, not willing for anyone to  perish, that his mercy overrides his justice and he comes as a shepherd

A tender, loving shepherd. He wants to pick us up in  his arms and hold us so close that we feel his heartbeat.

If you need that touch just now, be still for a while, and feel the arms of the shepherd around you soothing away the hurts, and ask the Holy Spirit pour his love into your life.


Help us Lord, not to be afraid of shouting your Good News in Ilkley. When people come willingly to Pantomimes, Nativity Plays, Carol Services, Christingles, cheap give us a warm and welcoming spirit, so that they experience your love and care and are helped to make that connection with you that will change their lives.