Alpha 2015

Alpha 2015

Alpha 2015

The Alpha Course is a ten session series of talks and discussions that explore the big questions of life from a Christian perspective. We start with a shared supper provided by our church family which is an opportunity to relax and share before listening to an Alpha talk and talking about the topic together.

It is an opportunity for everyone – young/old; new-Christians/old-Christians; non-Christians/those who don’t know!!!!!! – to take time-out and talk about life’s issues and ask questions in a quiet atmosphere of hospitality and support.

Alpha gives all of us at All Saints Ilkley the chance to reach out to our friends & neighbours and families & strangers and to invite them to find out about God’s amazing love and work in our lives.

We would like everyone at All Saints Ilkley to be involved with supporting Alpha in the 15/16 season. We need folk to:

Pray –before, during and after Alpha

Come to Alpha and find out what it’s all about

Invite someone to Alpha and to journey with them

Provide food; serving; a welcome on the Alpha nights

Be part of a team to listen, discuss and support

Please contact Helen Hack or the Church Office if you can offer help or would like information.

Alpha 15/16 starts with a taster session on Tuesday 8 September, 7.00pm in Church House.

Alpha Prayer

Dear Lord and Father, we are so privileged to be part of Your family and able to know Your loving care in our lives. May everyone at All Saints be filled with Your Holy Spirit and given an increased desire to share Your love and your Good News with others . Let each of us be responsive to what you are calling us to do in support of Alpha and other ways of helping more people to grow and share our life-giving faith. Amen.