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Jesus Shaped People

What kind of people are we ?…  This was Steve’s question to the congregation two Sunday mornings ago on the 22nd January.  The answer –  A Jesus shaped people, living our lives with Jesus at the centre as individuals and a Church. To illustrate his message, that Jesus is at the centre of everything we […]


All things change. Sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. But inevitably, all things change. Transformation can be quick, like gas into heat and light when you turn on the cooker. Transformation can be gradual as a baby grows into an adult. Transformation can be very, very slow, as rocks are ground into sand and plants are […]

Extravagant Worship

Nardostachys jatamansi an aromatic from which nard (spikenard) is made. John 12: 1-8 –  Sunday 22 November – 8am Sermon. What does it mean to worship Jesus and humble ourselves before him? What are the appropriate limits on our worship? Where do life’s Good Causes fit into our picture of God and our picture of […]

Cliffhanger of a sermon – curate preaches from rock face

The congregation of All Saints Ilkley was left sweating with anxiety as curate Steve Proudlove delivered his fathers’ day sermon dangling high up on the famous Cow and Calf Rocks. Steve, an accomplished climber, wanted to illustrate the love and care our Father has towards his children in times of danger. Steve said, “it was […]