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The Kingdom of Heaven

40acts A couple of weeks ago Jemma explained to her friend Debbie what 40 Acts was. It is something the All Saints community is doing, taking up generosity for Lent – Debbie decides this is a good thing to do and signed up and has been joining in.Today Debbie heads to the shop with a […]

Advent Readings – Day Seventeen

15th December – Luke 1:18-25 I have a lot of sympathy for Zechariah! It must have been unthinkable that after all these years he would be blessed with a child in his old age.  Asking how he could be sure of this crazy-sounding news, my bet is he didn’t expect that the proof of the […]

Advent Readings – Day Four

  2nd December – Genesis 3:8-15 Most of us I imagine have been there when a spat has blown up between two children, and it can go something like this: ‘Well he started it!’  ‘No. I didn’t, she hit me first’. Adam also tried to pass the buck, and even hinted that God was to […]

Courage by Patrick Bateman

To quote Ambrose Redmoon, a hippy and former rock band manager (…. neither author nor band have I heard of)  “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgement that something else is more important than fear. What is the stronger passion that burns within us that overcomes fear? I trust that it is […]

Courage – from Revd Steve Proudlove

Take heart, take courage… by Revd Steve Proudlove In November we think a lot about courage and remembrance.   The month begins straight after All Saints and All Souls where we remember the Saints who have gone before us and thank God for the souls of the departed.  We shift quickly on to Guy Fawkes […]