Community Bible Experience – The Story


A doctor picks up his pen to write down The Story of a man who had turned his world upside down – a man who had changed his life and has since changed history. His writings make up two books of the Bible – Luke and Acts. By reading them together we get drawn into the epic story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and the world of his early followers as Christianity spreads across the globe. It’s The Story at the heart of the world’s best-selling book, a story that has thrived and survived even under intense persecution and has transformed millions of lives across the world. 

Beginning on May 29th, All Saints Ilkley challenge you to engage with The Story over a six-week period.  This is an opportunity for us all to read, whether for the first time or the hundredth time, this exciting segment of the Bible.  We will read it as a community; our preaching will loosely parallel with the readings, and we will be encouraging as many as possible to engage in Book Group style discussions, either in Life Groups or in other informal gatherings, around what we have read.  In this way, we hope to journey together and learn from each other.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more about this, including having the opportunity to pick up a copy of The Story – a specially formatted, user-friendly booklet containing Luke and Acts.  The formatting has made this particularly easy to read and also less threatening – more like a normal book!  Each one costs approx £1 to buy and so donations are welcome to cover the cost of your copy, and we’d also encourage you to consider donating more so we can provide copies free of charge to others.  The readings are only a few pages each day, five days a week, giving you time to catch up on the weekends.  We will release information about the readings which will enable you to use your own bible if you are more comfortable with that too.

This is a great opportunity.  It is a chance to journey together in reading an amazing and world-changing story.  It is a chance to learn from each other.  It is a chance to encourage others who may not be part of our community usually to engage with one of our defining narratives.  And finally and most importantly, it is a chance for us all to meet afresh with Jesus as we read the amazing story of his life and the birth of the community shaped by him.

There will be more information available over the coming weeks.

Any questions? Please contact Steve,