Finding connections with God - Father Son and Holy Spirit

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  • Sound Engineer Role

    Are you someone who loves Sunday morning worship and wishes our sung worship to be as good as it can be? Do you have a calling to serve the Chuirch family in an area of All Saints life which requires servant-hearted people to be committed to learn new skills, act on initiative, problem solve and interact with people in time-pressed situations? Are you looking for something really worthwhile to offer you (and your ears) to in a dependable way? If these statements apply to you, you could become a Sound Engineer at All Saints.

    For full details of the Role, Spec and Skills required – noting full training will be provided – please click here

  • Generosity Group

    We have been blessed over the years with people’s generosity of time, talent, energy and financial giving.  It is the generosity of our members which enables All Saints Ilkley to fulfil our vision and we want to develop and grow our generous spirit.  To help us achieve this objective we are establishing a Generosity Group to come together to pray, to discuss, to plan, to formulate strategy and to think, carefully and prayerfully how, as a church, we can achieve our vision.

    We need a range of people and their giftings. Do you have a gift/s for drawing alongside and nurturing others, a testimony of personal generosity, skills in verbal or written communication, knowledge of the law relating to legacies? If you would like to know more – then please talk to Patrick.

    Generosity Group TOR

  • Heritage Evalution

    Do you like numbers and do you like people? 

    We’re looking for a volunteer to help with the evaluation of our heritage work over the next few years,  from which we can assess the impact of our work. Not a major time-commitment. A love for data would help but the information we record is as much about personal stories as it is about numbers. This is interesting stuff!

    Speak with Derek Twine – derek, or 07535 914 991.

    For details of the role – please click here