Fundraising Guidelines & Proposals

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Fundraising guidelines and proposal process

Folks are already beginning to organise or prepare our first public fundraising events. There are more in the pipeline. To gain maximum support, it’s really important that the whole programme of events and projects are co-ordinated. This will help avoid date or venue conflict, keep a balanced schedule throughout the year, ensure consistent branding, maximise publicity, and maintain our All Saints values.
Here are links to three  documents:
Fundraising Guidelines and Principles – Fundraising Event proposal
Fundraising Form – a proposal form for any event, project or activity being planned – Fundraising Form
Fundraising Events List – fundraising initiatives – Fundraising Events List Branded doc
The guidelines and the forms are also available in hard copy from the Parish Office.
If there are any questions for further information, or if any technical support is needed, please contact Julia Elliott (juliamelliott@gmail) or Derek Twine (