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Our funeral ministry is a very important way that we at All Saints Ilkley serve our community. Whilst Christian funerals give the opportunity to acknowledge our loss and begin to process our grief, they are also filled with hope. Our faith directs us to Jesus Christ, who died but rose from the dead. For Christians, death is not the end.

A quote from scripture, Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies’.

Can a minister from All Saints Ilkey conduct a funeral for us?

We regularly conduct funerals All Saints Ilkley or local crematoriums for those who live our parish or are part of the worshipping community. Occasionally we take funerals for others where there is an obvious connection.

How do I arrange a funeral at All Saints Ilkley

We recognise that arranging a funeral can feel like a daunting task and we pledge to share that burden in a caring way. Whilst it is appropriate to contact your local church it is wise to contact a local funeral director who will hep you with the practicalities surrounding the funeral. You can contact us directly but most do so through your funeral director. When it is agreed that we are taking the service a meeting will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

The outline of a typical funeral service would include hymns, bible readings and prayers to find out some our link will take you to the Church of England’s Funeral section of their website. Please click here.

What is the Book of Remembrance

Names of the deceased can be registered in our Book of Remembrance which is kept on display in the Side Chapel.  Please contact Alice, our Administrations Manager for more information.

Living with Loss Service

Every year at the end of October, we hold a special service for bereaved families called ‘Living with Loss’. It is an opportunity to remember our loved ones with thanks, we read names and give friends and members opportunity to prayerfully light a candle in their memory. For more details and to register your interest please contact  our Parish Office –