Edward Bolling, Gentleman, was born in 1654. He became churchwarden in 1695 and was trustee of the Church and School funds. He rented property from Sedburgh School and Bollings Farm remained in the family for 160 years.

Edward married Elizabeth . Their first son Edward was born in 1690 and died a bachelor in 1766. The second son John died in 1723 at the age of 28, also a bachelor. The third son Nathaniel died in February 1728 aged 30 leaving his wife Margaret with a new baby, Edward. Alas, baby Edward died on August 28th, 1729. Their first child, a daughter, married William Prescott of Halifax. Margaret died in 1740 on September 9th, just after her father-in-law Edward, who had died on June 5th, 1740.

Edward and Elizabeth Bolling had a fourth son William in 1708. He became a tobacconist. In 1745, the year of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion, the vicar of Ilkley, Parson Lister, died on 19th May and his wife 22 days later. William Bolling then married the vicar's daughter, Phoebe Lister on December 29th, 1745, so the year ended happily. They had 8 children. William Bolling's eldest son John married Mary Cunliffe and had 5 children.