Jesus Shaped People

corn shoot

What kind of people are we ?… 

This was Steve’s question to the congregation two Sunday mornings ago on the 22nd January.  The answer –  A Jesus shaped people, living our lives with Jesus at the centre as individuals and a Church.

To illustrate his message, that Jesus is at the centre of everything we do and as Christians we need to share our faith with people –  Steve gave us a pot of soil and a corn seed to plant and explained

“If you want to grow in faith with Jesus at the Centre – to commit to turning your life around, and following Jesus, this man who died on the cross and rose again from the dead – then plant a *seed .  Take a plant pot and put in a seed. That action  signifies your desire to have Jesus at the centre of your life. Then place it in the light, water it and nurture it and as it grows  thank God for placing the seed of Jesus in your life, the encounter that made you want to followHhim. As you cultivate your seed be challenged by how you’re cultivating your life as a Jesus shaped person.  As you water your seedling, remind yourself of the need to get to know Jesus better, to pray and read your bible.

At some point this sweet corn plant will need to go outdoors to be exposed in your garden – to grow and produce fruit. It won’t happen on your windowsill – as you plant it out it will remind you that as Christians we need to go out and lead others to encounter Jesus, a natural part of being a Christian. And one day if your plant were to bear fruit you could give it away to remind you of your action of giving away yourself from being the centre and asking Jesus to be the centre of your life. And as you give it to a neighbour or a friend you can share you journey of planting a sweetcorn seed.”Two weeks later on Sunday 5th February – and following Patrick’s asking this Sunday’s congregations if anynone had a green shoot appearing from their little pots we received this photo from Elspeth, showing a slender shoot and forming leaf.

Steve preached on Acts 3  to listen again click here

*seed = corn seed.