King’s Club 2018 Report

King’s Club ran this year from 13th to 17th August, and about 40 children gathered together in 4 teams to find out about Teambuilders – how everyone, even great leaders, need a team to do God’s work.

We heard about Joseph the dreamer in his multi-coloured coat and made a model of him. And there was Moses who needed helpers to lead the people and solve their problems. Fun was had making foam sun-visors. We made invitations to family to come to the celebration and picnic on Friday, after finding out about Esther. We created bookmarks to remind us of Jesus’s 12 special helpers. Through Paul and Barnabas we discovered the importance of forgiveness to help a team work together.

James led the teams in lively games, we enjoyed singing and quiet moments of discussion and creative prayers. Ollie and Rebecca successfully led Teambuilders with cooperative activities.

The Teambuilders shared their activities with family and friends on Friday followed by a picnic. Thanks to all who made the Holiday Club a happy experience learning more about God and thanks for the fruity refreshments!