Mission Focus

CMS Partners – Nick & Catherine Drayson

Bishop Nick Drayson has two main areas of responsibility.  Firstly amongst the indigenous churches in the very north of Argentina. This is an area of dry scrub known as the Chaco where the communities are concentrated along the rivers or in the towns along the railway, which runs through the centre of the region.  The forest and rivers provide a livelihood still for many communities, but it is under attack from developers who are clearing it at an alarming rate, to plant commercial crops. Nick also has oversight of a number of church in the towns and cities of Northern Argentina Amare a local branch of Mothers Union is empowering women across the region to take practical action based on love for God and neighbour – for which Catherine gives thanks..  There are testimonies of changed lives and practical ways in which they are serving families, church and community. What can you be praying for? First of all we thank God for His faithfulness and love; for continuing good health and the love and support of friends. Safety in travel.  Gracious acceptance of change. Fuirther developments of families and youth work. New initiatives on Creation Care. Pray for local churches and their leaders that God will pour out His Spirit and give them renewed vision and energy and keep them faithful to His Word and that many Argentinians will meet with the Living God and know His leading and guiding in their daily walk. Download the full PDF of Nick and Catherines letter – Mission Focus CMS Joyce Illingworth