Order in Church House

CH reorder

Thank you Les and Lynda

We love when a little order and creative use of space happens as it did this week in Church House. With the birth of a new ministry – Natter – came extra resources, all requiring storage space in Church House, a much used space both by church and community groups. The wonderful Les (active member of Monday Meddlers) and Lynda Briggs, looked at the available storage space and  worked  on getting rid of broken and no longer used items,, along with Les building a new storage unit and then working out best places to store the tables, stacking chairs and childrens equipment.  The final touch, tape on the floor to makr out the new zones. The result easier access to all tables, chairs and resources with them more safely stored.

The next step… to help all room users put back used items of furniture into their proper place aided by image of the plan alongside instructions.

Thank you so much Les and Lynda – you’re wonderful.