Dots Mums Pamper Night.

dots night

On Wednesday 13th January, we had our first Dots Mums Pamper Night, an opportunity for us to provide a relaxing evening for 45 of our mummies (food, wine, chat, two beauticians to provide hand/head massage, roses) in a transformed Church House.  It was an amazingly special evening for all of us and this how one of our mummies felt moved to share with us.

The pamper evening last night was amazing, thank you so much.  So many prayers answered both personally and as a group.  So much effort and hard work went into the preparations and it is so nice to be part of this wonderful team. When we walked into Church House yesterday evening, we were blown away by the room, including me even though I’d seen it some 2 hours earlier.  The candles, fairy lights, seating area, pamper area, just everything made it look really special.  It was so cosy, warm and welcoming.  We had our coats taken from us at the door, drinks were served to us and we got to have our pamper treatments.  Again, wow!!  After a busy few days I welcomed this with open arms, it was brilliant!!!  We sat, chatted and it was lovely to be there as me, and not someone’s mummy (without sounding horrible as I do love him dearly!).  I’ve been thinking a lot about one Mummy in particular this week.  I sit next to her in Little Dots sometimes and we chat, but I have never known her name!!  I know her child’s name but not hers and I was annoyed at myself for not asking.  She came up to me last night and said ‘I’m really sorry but I don’t know your name!’  An answered prayer as we got to know each other a little better.  How lovely that we were able to come and be ourselves and we were comfortable and relaxed in the space.  The first time as a big group that we’d been together without children.  A very special moment.

The food was absolutely amazing!!  As we ate, conversation flowed.  I have always found it difficult talking about my faith with friends.  I was having a conversation with someone earlier in the week about confidence and I’ve been praying about having the confidence to speak about my faith to my non-Christian friends and family.  Then God just seemed to hit me in the face with a glaring opportunity.  We started to talk about Alpha, Dotty Saints, Bible stories and Church Life.  They were asking me questions and I saw such a massive shift from what I’ve seen before.  It was like a realisation that this wasn’t just us coming out for a meal but so much more.  A second answer to prayer.  I was asked this morning if I’d ever been to anything like this before with these mummies.  The answer was no, because last night the Holy Spirit was working among us and that feeling was so powerful.

On the way out we collected our roses.  Whilst waiting for the others to get their coats, I heard one of them say, ‘Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres’.  This was the verse, hand written, to go with our roses.  ‘I can’t believe that someone has handwritten these for us’, she said, ‘how lovely’.  Another answered prayer as God’s love surrounded them.

I am just buzzing after last night.  Lord you are unstoppable!!