Release Urban Sleepout


We were fortunate in having a mild dry winters night for our Sleepout challenge, which saw 15 members of Release making beds & shelter to sleep around our ‘Stable’.
The Stable was reserved for the girls – cardboard laid on the pallets to give a little warmth and comfort.  The boys used tarpaulin, cardboard boxes, plastic bags to create spaces within which to put their sleeping bags and then crawl inside.
Steve was our Gatekeeper laying out his mat and bag under the stars, at the entrance to our jungle camp..
The evening had begun with Release serving hot drinks to the choir at the end of their rehearsal for the Carols by Candlelight Service (18th December) and then after games which involved laps around the perimeter of Church and the making of beds – sleeping bags were filled at midnight and lights out.  (Quite literally with the church spotlights going out then).
For some there was sleep – never deep, you’re aware of the noises of the town at different hours throughout the night, the church clock chiming, the hardness of your bed.  For others there was the sanctuary of Church to hang out in with most finally crashing at 5am.
Jena cooked and made bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea at 6am heralding the end of the Sleepout, the start of a new day and the dismantling of our own jungle camp.
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To date we have raised just over £400