Thy Kingdom Come


Pray web
Please join us in prayer this week as we answer the Archbishops’ call to pray for evangelism.
Here’s what’s on today in the Side Chapel in Church and also The Sanctuary:
6.30am – Prayer before work (All Saints)
9.00am – Prayer in The Sanctuary
9.15am – Holy Communion (All Saints)
12.00 noon – ‘Nine Days of Prayer’ (All Saints)
1.00pm – Prayer in The Sanctuary
4.30pm – Evening Prayer (All Saints)
5.00pm – Prayer in The Sanctuary
9.30pm – Compline (All Saints)
If you are unable to join us for these times please don’t worry!  You can pray anywhere, at any time and with anyone.
If you would like to sign up for an individual prayer slot, please do so on the following link: