Uganda Mission Trip

6 Discipleship Year students from Ilkley, Manchester and Canterbury met at Entebbe airport, Uganda ready for their mission trip. Tired and a little anxious about how the following 10 days would go, they were met by Bishop Ivan Lugoloobi who took the group to his house in Mattugga. This was to be the base for the trip, where we would worship and pray each morning, regather and debrief each evening. We shared life with the Lugoloobi family which was a huge blessing in itself.

family     lake

Bishop Ivan showed us some of the projects we could get involved with during our stay.  Painting classrooms and dormitories, outreach, evangelism, youth ministry and fixing up a children’s play area. There was lots of work for us, we prayed about what God wanted from us and decided we would try and do everything on the list. The team had a target and were pulling together nicely.

team     finished


In actual fact the team achieved much more than we had hoped for. We completed painting the outside of some dirty classrooms white. The girls’ dormitories were transformed by a vibrant yellow paint. The children’s play area was looking pretty run down and in disrepair, with the help of a local welder we fixed things and gave the slides, swings and climbing frames a coat of bright new colourful coat. We recruited members of the centre team and champions to help us and found that many hands quickly made light work. Physically we gave all we could and probably deserved to rest at the end of the trip, Ivan mentioned a well that had been gifted to the community outside of the centre. It was the last day and we could have relaxed but the team were determined to leave a legacy and wanted to join with the community team in the blazing sun to complete the clean water project. We dug until our hands bled, but finally we had the satisfaction of seeing clean water drawn from the water table being collected by children from the top side of the village of Mattugga.

well    town

The Revival Centre meets the needs of the local community in physical ways as well as spiritual. The focus of 2 days was to be a medical outreach with evangelism. Actually that should read sharing the gospel with medical outreach. 2 students, a translator and a member of the medical team, set off into the back streets of Mattugga. The students were apprehensive about going house to house and sharing the love of Jesus. But as we returned there was story after story of people receiving Jesus for the first time. Some came back to the Lord after backsliding. We prayed with Muslims who wept as they heard of Christ’s love. Whole families knelt to be prayed for. Words of knowledge opened the door to people receiving Jesus. We prayed for blind children, cancer sufferers, addicts, businesses, children, unborn babies and for deliverance from witch craft! It had been a fruitful mission, the students had pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and God in his goodness had blessed them.

derek    drunk

Other highlights included, recording 2 television programmes for Ugandan tv to be broadcast across the nation, playing with the children from the orphanage, a visit to the source of the River Nile, the food was fantastic, leading a youth event with 40 young people, sharing our stories in church and Lawrence preached twice on the final Sunday at Revival church.

kids   village