When did you meet Jesus?

 Personal responses to the question asked in our All Age Worship on April 30th 2017

When I met

“I met with Jesus after I had asked him into my life.  The bible, up to then was just a history book, but the words came alive.  I have never been the same since – I am truly alive now.”

“I knew I’d never be the same again after Jesus chose to confirm my faith in Him by completely enveloping me in His warm, comforting love.  This was my baptism in the Holy Spirit – some thirty odd years ago – 10 days after my commitment to Him after months of truth seeking.  That day – the word from the pulpit was just for me, ‘faith and trust.’ “

“I met Jesus when I got hurt playing for Burley Oaks FC.”

“I meet with Jesus when I walk the dog late at night.  Sometimes he is there strong and focussed.  Often there is just a vague sense of presence.  And sometimes he just doesn’t come.  Or maybe it’s me who isn’t sometimes really there.  When its strong it’s always surprising.”

” ‘Your car keys are not in Costa Coffee, but Church House’ he said!”

“I met Jesus just before Easter when walking in the Dales and also in the centre of Bradford with the homeless.”

“I met Jesus when I was walking up the hill, thinking about something.”

“I met Jesus when He spoke to me through the Bible and challenged me to allow Him to change the way I thought about things:  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.”

“I meet Jesus when I read my bible and pray.”

These are just a selection from the written down and gathered in responses from the All Age Worship on the 30th – to read through the full collection please click here