World Watch List


Open Doors

Every year, Open Doors produces the World Watch List, detailing the countries where Christians face the most severe persecution. This month, let’s pray for the top 25 places (5 each week) where faith costs the most:

Week 2

  • Syria – for strength and courage for Christians still living in places dominated by Islamic State and for those who have had to flee.
  • Iraq – for peace and stability so that all Christians can return home and for healing from the traumas of war.
  • Iran – for the release of many Christians in prison, and for the faith to share God’s love with guards and inmates while they wait.
  • Yemen – for protection for the small, fragile church and for God to touch the hearts of radical Islamists.
  • Eritrea – for endurance for the thousands of Christians imprisoned and a softening of the harsh regime.

Week 1.

  • North Korea – for protection and rescue for 300,000 Christians, living as either secret believers or as prisoners in labour camps.
  • Somalia – for peace and courage for those who believe in Christ despite the constant threat of death and attack.
  • Afghanistan – for an end to conflict and to the law that makes it illegal to be a Christian.
  • Pakistan – for protection for the 700 Christian women and girls who are abducted every year and forced to convert to Islam.
  • Sudan – for the government to allow freedom of religion and stop falsely arresting Christians.