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Adam's half term update - Autumn 1 2023

Hello again! It’s coming up to half term and I thought it would be good to share some of the things that have been going on (you can also read and pray about them in the prayer letter attached to the bulletin sent out on October 19th or on the Church noticeboard).

At our Saints and Little Saints groups, we have been having fun looking at ‘Superheroes of Faith’, people in the Bible who we can look at that did amazing things and where their ‘superpower’ comes from. Our Saints and Little Saints leaders are superheroes in themselves and have been working hard coming up with some great creative ways to explore these people, please make sure to give them a high five for all the hard work they’re doing! If you want to find out what the superpower is, you’ll have to come along to ‘Superhero Sunday’ on Sunday the 29th of October, where we will be exploring just that! 

We’ve been having fun in our youth groups: TNT & Release. Jack has been doing a fantastic job leading TNT, who have been reading through the life of Moses and exploring some really interesting themes like ‘Who are the Pharaoh’s magicians?’. We’ve also been having fun at Release exploring what it means to be ‘church’ together. We’ve got some very exciting Christmas activities coming up which I’ll update on in December.

I’ve been building a great relationship with All Saints Primary and building good links with the staff and pupils. There have been two exciting developments to come out of this half term. A brand new ‘Collective Worship Council’ has started this term where 10-12 children come on a Monday lunch time and make collective worships more accessible and help to plan and lead collective worships themselves. It’s been great fun. In addition, we have started a new Science and God club, where we explore different areas of science and look how God is linked in with all the intricacies of science. We finished off the term with a wonderful celebration of Harvest exploring the changes of the season and sharing what we have with others who have less than us. Pupils and teachers from All Saints Primary have collected and donated a huge amount of food for our foodbank too!

Finally, I ran my first event building up our children and youth leaders within church and our surrounding areas. My friend Julie from the Zephaniah Trust came and led some storytelling training, helping us to understand how to write and shape a story to the context in which we are telling it. It was a big success and we hope to run some more training together in the future.


Thanks for reading our first Autumn half term update. If you’d like to ask me anything about our work or want to get involved yourself please get in touch and I’d be happy to chat.


Adam and the Children and Youth ministry team